Elkhead Farm


Tom & I set up the Travel Trailer for me to live in while cleaning up property and until the new house arrived. The trailer is backed up to the creek that runs thru the center of the property. Since then the pump house has been painted, the blackberries removed and the old fence taken down.

Travel Trailer


One of the first things that we did was to have all the fields mowed and the hay removed. This s the pasture behind the new house site and the picture was taken from the travel trailer.

We have been improving the pastures and will hay every year in the spring, filling our barn with great grass hay, with hay left over to sell.

Haying behind House Site


Here's a "tidy" picture of the old farmhouse after the asbestos shingle siding and front and side porch covers were removed, and all the "junk" removed from around and inside the house.

Old House
Picking up all the junk metal. Murphy and his family do this on his days off, as a "fun" family activity. He had to make three trips filling his trailer each time. Junk picked up by Metal Scavengers

November 8th

As soon as the power was disconnected from the old house, we immediately started the demolition. It was burned in a huge bonfire and buried right where it stood. We plan to grow an orchard in this area now.

Tearing the old House down


Barn with new paddock.

Barn and Corral


Jerry Jeff standing in the rain when he has a perfectly good barn to stand in.

Jerry Jeff standing in Rain

October 27th

New Bridge and gate over our creek. Gate opens to the pasture on the other side.

New Bridge and Gate

July 23rd

Preparing the new house site (behind the old house). Removed an old woodshed, chickencoop, blackberries and old fencing.

Digging Foundation


The site pad is dug and compacted.

Hole for Foundation


Concrete pad is done and ready for the house. Jerry Jeff is grazing nearby.

Foundation Poured

September 14th

The first section of our new house arrives!

Moving the first section of House onto pad

September 24th

Placing the septic tank.

Installing Septic Tank


Back of the house with the ground graded, block perimeter done, and paths rocked . We will spend many hours sitting on that sunny porch gazing over the back pasture and the hills beyond.

Back Porch with finished rock paths


View from the barn. Old House still there. Notice the giant burn pile to the right. Carport is to be added next.

Before Carport added and Old House removed


The kitchen before we moved all our stuff in. Pretty nice for a manufactured home, eh?

Inside Kitchen before I moved in

December 3rd

Moved in and dry! How it looks right now. Carport needs painting and I still have stuff to move out of the carport.

Our New Home

The weather is very rainy and windy right now and I am so glad to be in the nice warm house. Tom will here for a festive Christmas together in our new house. We are so thankful and lucky for all our blessings. Please come visit anytime. Warmest wishes to you all.

Leslye and Tom

Leslye and Tom Wing
5575 Elkhead Road
Yoncalla, OR 97499
541 849-9155

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